Old People, New Name

People ask me what ProNexo, Nexo for short, really is. I can tell you that we are only another milestone in a 20-year journey, which started with a pioneering move I made from process engineering towards process safety in 1995 through creation of the very first safety department in a leading oil and gas engineering company in Iran.

Having put many state-of-the-art techniques to application for the first time in Iran, starting with consequence modeling, hazard identification and risk assessment, 5 years later I joined forces with other interested people to apply hazard identification techniques and risk assessment in the industry in 2000.

This ultimately led to establishment of the country’s first ever professional HSE consultancy in the field in 2003. Innovation and quality not only were ingredients of every job, but also formed the essence of the whole business. A more focused approach towards the technical content emerged in 2008 and some of my colleagues and I created an independent engineering consultancy.

I have been in the center of breakthrough activities which has led to completion of about 200 projects by 2015 and developed a clientele of about 140 – many of them repeated ones. This in fact means a gateway to reach the extensive Iranian oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Now, and like an offspring, NEXO builds on the experience accumulated over the past two decades and its ever-expanding network of international partners is even more focused on the current industry challenges of sustainability (including carbon management) and resilience with its unique life cycle approach in order to serve as a unique provider of cutting edge technology and know-how for risk management and performance improvement in Iran.

So, why NEXO is a leading provider of professional services in Iran?
We believe it is because we are still committed to our old, long-developed, values of quality, integrity and innovation to the benefit of our clients, which now we call 'Family'.