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    "People ask me what ProNexo really is. I can tell you that we are only another milestone in a 23-year journey, which
    was started with a pioneering move I made from process engineering towards process safety in 1995 through creation
    of the very first safety department in a leading oil and gas engineering company in Iran. " - Farshad Nourai , Founder and CEO

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    … no more trendy techniques for real-world problems; adopt a systematic approach.
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    The WHAT
    … practical, professional and profitable solutions.
  • WHAT


    NEXO is an Iranian multi-disciplinary consultancy with a key focus on technology transfer, risk management, performance improvement and implementation of best practices. We specialize in providing a range of comprehensive consultancy services for oil, gas and petrochemical industry. In addition, we have a broad knowledge on local issues and new regulations through our experienced and qualified staff.

  • HOW


    Since the very beginning, our team has developed innovative project methodologies and workflow, staff training and client culture development. Our staff international experience involves dealing with multidisciplinary, multicultural teams and delegates from Brazil, China, Greece, Holland, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Pakistan, Switzerland, UAE and the UK.

  • WHO


    NEXO staff have hands-on experience of more than 100 projects in both technical and planning/ management roles during the past 20 years. The scope of these projects have covered diverse fields like onshore and offshore, oil, gas and petrochemicals, steel production, greenfield and brownfield, and plant, pipeline and general construction.

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